безопасный город система марс мониторинг

The hardware and software complex "Safe City" is a set of software and hardware and organizational measures to ensure video surveillance, protection and integrated security. It is managed in a single information space.
Complex "Safe City" is necessary for automation of processes and solving important tasks of modern cities, such as technical support and assistance to public security and emergency services.
It has the following advantages:

  • control of the situation on the streets and objects of the city in real time 24/7;
  • archiving;
  • automatic notification of emergencies to the relevant special services and organizations, providing them with information from the locations
  • of video cameras;
  • Simulation of the course of events on the basis of the recorded materials;
  • Integration with other automated systems of urban infrastructure.

Why it is needed:

  • To maximize safety on the streets and roads of the city;
  • To cover the main highways of the city, places of public events, crowded places (e.g., train stations);
  • To effectively manage traffic in the city;
  • To recover data on controversial situations in major traffic accidents;
  • To effectively combat terrorism and other threats;
  • For situation monitoring and control in residential areas, entrances, elevators, etc.

Hardware and software complex "Safe City" is an assistant to law enforcement agencies and all emergency services due to modern technical means and systems of operational information.

Main features and functions:
  • Access control and intrusion (sensors of different types);
  • Integration with video surveillance system;
  • Fire safety;
  • Control of sanitary and environmental situation;
  • Collection and processing of METEO data;
  • Integration with public address system;
  • Integration with external video analytics modules.
Access control and site security:
  • Access control using biometric data;
  • Intrusion control;
  • Intrusion alarms.
Main features and functions:
  • Integrated Controls;
  • Biometric scanners;
  • Video cameras and video analytics;
  • Photo and video recording of incidents;
  • Alarms and door locks;
  • Sensors Used;
  • Intrusion sensors;
  • Motion detectors;
  • Fire sensors.