Universal Platform MAGIS

The MAGIS platform is designed to create an integrated management and security system.
MAGIS includes monitoring and control, mass notification and notification, operational communications, video surveillance, as well as visualization and control room governance capabilities.

Enterprise management systems (ERP), technological process control systems (SCADA), analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) modules and other specialized IT solutions can be connected as additional subsystems.

MAGIS provides the transition from radio communication systems (analog and digital, DMR and TETRA standards) to an integrated control and security system, connectivity to telephone networks as well.

Own solutions for private communication systems LTE or Wi-Fi 6 on the MAGIS platform and its components solve the problems of building a control and security system at the Mission Critical level.

Features and capabilities of the MAGIS platform
• Control Center management
• Integration of various subsystems
• Implemented GIS (geographic information system) and 2D/3D plans
• State-of-the-art display of objects and processes, built-in visualization tools
• Open architecture
• Reliability and high-level of sequrity

Components and Subsystems

Video surveillance
Provides video / photo recording, detection, recognition and classification by types of objects - people, vehicles, markers with graphic and alphanumeric identifiers. Allows to customize the scenarios of the system, the response and tracking of detected objects, event log with the output of the necessary information on the display of the connected display device. The operation of the system is provided by video-analytical modules built on neural networks. The use of neural network technologies significantly reduces the number of false positives.

- Supports ONVIF protocol
- Automation. Setting up a response to various events, creating rules with a built-in script editor. Schedules with zones of three types, cyclic viewing of templates, hot keys.
- PTZ cameras support. There are four ways: radial and vector control of the mouse, joystick, presets, and control of the keyboard keys.
- Active search. High-speed search on metadata supplied by motion detector. Works with camera detectors. Allows to select an area on the screen and view the events that have occurred in it.
- Multi-search. Search and simultaneous playback of several events that occurred at different times in a specific area.
- Sound detection. Detector of violation of the set sound threshold. generates an alarm event, if the threshold is violated, with the entry into the event log and the start of recording (if configured accordingly). It is possible to use specialized microphones and analyze the sound spectrum.
- Search by events. Search for events in the log with filtering by keywords and time frames - by days, hours, minutes. Customize event labels according to the needs of the object.
- GIS. Graphic 2D / 3D plan of the object. There are multi-level maps with one-click transition between levels. View camera images directly on the map - real-time and archived.
- Switch between cameras. Instant transition from camera to camera on the plan. One-click transition from channel to channel and from level to level, preview and enlarged image from cameras.
- Camera lens obstruction detector. The detector detects not only the absence of a signal, defocusing, but also the obstruction of the lens, a change in the field of view and gives a signal.
- Color timeline. The intensity of movement is shown in color, preview is provided when the cursor is hovering, the area is enlarged when the cursor is delayed.
- Heat maps. A motion heatmap to be superimposed on the image. The movement leaves a heat trail that cools over time. The color of the heat trail shows where and when the traffic was more intense.

MARS ARSENAL Mass Warning system
- Industrial hardware platform
- Reservation of communication channels
- Scalability

MARS MONITORING System. Monitoring and control subsystem of various objects and processes.

- Wired and wireless sensors of various types
- Reliable data flow
- LoRa technology support
- Base stations MARS CASA with implemented gateway-repeater to build your own network for collecting data from sensors
- Photo and video recording of the event in the event of a sensor triggering
- Connection of video cameras and video surveillance systems of various types
- Open architecture. Expansion of the list of supported interfaces with terminal equipment using expansion cards of the base station MARS CASA
- The ability to control various controllers and relays
- Industrial hardware platform

RONET. Operational communication system

- PoC technology (Push-To-Talk Over Cellular (operational communication individually or with groups of subscribers via 3G / LTE or Wi-Fi networks)
- Support for all types of voice calls
- Transfer of photos and videos in high quality as well as transfer of files and short messages
- A large selection of subscriber terminals such as a smartphone, tablet or radio station
- Scalability (from 50 to 20,000 subscribers)
- RONET server replication and geographic diversity support
- Independent virtual networks on one server
- Advanced protection against unauthorized connection
- Low latency
- Recording of conversations and events
- Dispatcher Workstation with ample opportunities
- Determining the location of the subscriber on the map (Outdoor) or plan (Indoor)
- Docking with radio communication systems supporting "mixed" subscriber groups (radio and PoC)
- Telephone networks gateway with conference call support